Additive Manufacturing

(3D Printing)

Additive Manufacturing is a process by which a digital 3D design is used to build up a component in layers by depositing material. This may also be refered to as 3D printing.

Plastic is the most widely used material in addative manufacturing. There are a variety of different types of plastics that vary in strength and flexability including ABS (Acrylonitile Butadiene Styrene), PLA (Polyactic Acid), PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol), PC (Polycarbonate) and SOFT PLA (Polylactic Acid). Materials may include nylon, glass-filled polyamide. Metal powders commonly used include tool steel. stainless steel, aluminum, cobalt chrome, titanium and Inconel.

PMT represents Farsoon for both plastic and metal additive manufacturing solutions. Farsoon offers a complete solution including systems, software. metal and plastic powders. Learn more about Farsoon manufacturing solutions at:

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 Systems for both Metal & Plastic materials.