Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Water-jet Beveling

Water-jet Beveling

Subtractive Manufacturing


Subtractive Manufacturing is a process by which material is removed from a solid block by way of cutting, drilling or milling to reveal a desired 3D form.

Machining is a part of the manufacturing process of materials including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, stone and composites.

Depending on the regidity of a material and detail requirements, a project may require CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) milling or EDM (Electrical Discharge Milling).

PMT represents Durma for CNC bending, cutting and punching. Metal bending machines include press brake machines, profile rolling machines and plate rolling machines. Metal cutting machines include laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, metal cutting saws and metal cutting shears. Metal punching machines include metal pressing machines and CNC punching. Learn more about Durma machines at

Messer Cutting Systems provide procission cutting. Messer offer oxyfuel cutting solutions (flame) for low alloy steel, plasma cutting (thermal) for high alloy steels or aluminum and laser cutting for wood, plastic and thin metals. Learn more about Messer Cutting Systems at

TECHNI Waterjet provides waterjet machines and cutting technologies for a wide variety of materials including stainless copper, brass aluminum, pre-hardened steel, stone and glass. Waterjet cutting is a process using a jet of pressurized water along with an abrasive that enables more material to be cut cleaningly to close tolerance. Waterjet cutting allows for a clean edge and finishing work such as beveling. Learn more about TECHNI Waterjet at

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